The OB Sessions brings you new music and new artists from around the globe all filmed around Ireland. Its aim is simple, to showcase artists in their most natural form and shy away from the bells and whistles of the studio.

The OB Sessions is a project that I started back in August 2014. Having studied Creative Digital Media in college I decided to combine my studies with my obsession for music to create something that could provide up and coming artists with a platform to showcase their music alongside more established acts. These videos have grown into more than I had ever expected with artists from over six different countries getting involved including Australia, Netherlands, England, USA and Slovenia to name but a few.

The OB Sessions naturally grew into more than just a source for video content as after a year The OB Blog was formed as a place where I could post articles on music news and reviews alongside my videos.

I have become obsessed with the welcoming atmosphere of the music community which makes it easy for me to strive to continue to create new original content and venture on in my journey of musical discovery.

~Ciaran O'Brien

If you want to get in touch with me or send me any of your music feel free to send an email to me on ciaranobrienmedia@gmail.com