Album Review: Charli XCX – Sucker

Being responsible for two of the biggest chart hits of the last year ('I Love It' and 'Fancy') provides Charli XCX's second album with enough hype to be an international chart topper.

Charli XCX has had a long journey already in the music industry having her debut LP True Romance being a commercial flop, only reaching 85 in the UK Album Chart. If it was not for her co-writing and feature on Icona Pop's song 'I Love It' life would have been very different for the British songstress.

Sucker is an album that promises a sense of teen rebellion and angst in an ode to Debbie Harry or Avril Lavigne. In the case of Sucker, however, this angst-led rebellion means the occasional presence of some distorted guitars and some swearing.

The album kicks off with 'Sucker' which is really just a throw away song to warm you up for Charli's version of rebellion pop with her screaming "You said you wanna bang, well fuck you, sucker". 'London Queen' takes inspiration from the punk era but with added Disney-style glitter pasted on every inch of it. 'Gold Coins' delivers a familiar sounding rhythm that gives us an example of what Debbie Harry might sound like if she was churned through the modern day pop machine.

'Famous' sounds like something from a Miley Cyrus album back when she was still Hannah Montana just with more of an edge to the sound. 'Hanging Around' tries to be a We Will Rock You rip off but it just doesn't give much in terms of lyrics with Charli singing "We're just hanging around".

The second half of the album is pretty uneventful with bubblegum rebellion becoming monotonous at this point. The only variation to this is 'Need Your Love' which shows us a more Lily Allen-esque brand of pop that could have been utilised a lot more throughout the album.

Charli XCX's latest release is a solid pop album that delivers a bubblegum pop brand of teen angst. The one thing Sucker never is, though, is particularly radical. It seems that Charli is trying too hard to be a modern era Debbie Harris or Gwen Stefani. Most of the tracks on Sucker blend into one another with not a lot of a variation provided, you could be forgiven if you listened to the whole album and only remember two songs.

Stand out tracks include 'Break The Rules' and 'Boom Clap'.
Check out the official video for 'Doing It' featuring Rita Ora below:

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