Album Review: Gemma Hayes – Bones + Longing

The Tipperary born Hayes has returned with the help of crowdfunfing to produce a fantastically haunting album full of whispered vocals, reverb and scratchy guitars that will evoke feelings from deep within.

The fact that Gemma Hayes went down the route of crowdfunding for new LP 'Bones + Longing' will already give it a connection with fans who will now feel a part of the making of the album. It all kicks off with ;Laughter', which nearly provides a tease for what is to come with its minimal approach and bags full of dreamy reverb.

'Iona' is one of the more experimental songs on the album for Hayes with its hard to hear vocals at some points. However, despite the diction it still draws you in and puts you in a state of deep thought. This is something that is prevalent throughout 'Bones + Longing'. It does a brilliant job of bringing you into that place of deep thought and joyful youth.

'Joy' sounds as if it was ripped straight from a successful indie film. It is one of the stand out tracks on the album. It is followed by 'Dark Moon', a song that reminds us of the older Gemma Hayes releases but with a haunted element that is carried on from the album's beginning. 'To Be Your Honey' and 'Caught' follow in a similar vein giving us a taste of the more stripped back music one may expect from the Tipperary musician.

The album posses some more pop based tracks too such as 'Making My Way Back', 'Palomino' and lead single 'Chasing'. These tracks provide a more radio friendly approach and are a contrast to the more experimental tracks that fill the rest of the album.

Gemma Hayes sixth album 'Bones + Longing' is a masterpiece of pop that is doused in deep thought (and a lot of reverb) that showcases one of Ireland's best musicians great artistic ability.

Check out Gemma Hayes discussing and performing Palomino below.

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