Album Review: Hudson Taylor – Singing For Strangers

Hudson Taylor are no strangers to hard work and dedication having built their name through years of busking, uploading YouTube videos and more recently support slots.

That hard work is more than evident on their debut album 'Singing For Strangers' through precise harmonies, acoustic melodies and thoughtful lyrics. The album opens with 'Just a Thought' which instantly hits with a chorus of 'Oh Oh Oh' that will surely be capitalised on during live shows. 'Butterflies' and 'Chasing Rubies' show us the real talent behind this Irish duo with Alfie's voice really shown off in all its quirk.

It’s clear from this point that Hudson Taylor have formed a proven formula for writing clever pop songs about lost love that are just right for regular appearances on the radio. Next single 'World Without You' follows and shows off the harmonies and song writing ability of the young brothers.

'Wildfires' takes the album in a different direction with its falsetto chorus proving that there is more to the vocal ability of both Alfie and Harry than some may expect. 'Weapons' asks us to embrace the more simple side of life while 'Care' and 'Battles' give the long time fans of Hudson Taylor a familiar experience to what they have been used to on previously released EPs.

Overall this is a really solid and thought out album that provides Hudson Taylor with a few roads on which they can choose to travel down. The album showcases their pop side while the bonus tracks such as 'Holly' and 'Beautiful Mistake' reveal the softer folk side of the lads.

Check out the official video for 'World Without You' below.

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