Colm Gavin releases new single ‘You, Me & The World’

Dublin based musician Colm Gavin has released a new single via his Soundcloud . The song is entitled 'You, Me & The World' and is a heartfelt ballad with a retro styling.

'You, Me & The World' was recorded, produced and mastered by Adam Walsh in The Cabin Home Studios, Dublin with Adam also adding some backing harmonies to the track. This release sees Gavin go back to the basics with a minimal set up and a reverbed retro vocal, as as opposed to the more filled tracks he has recently been recording. The track shows off Gavin's lyrical ability as you believe every word he is singing about his love interest. I can't help but feel that this track is reminiscent of an unreleased demo from one of the greats of music that has recently been found while scrummaging through a box of an old recording studio.

Colm has also been busy starring in a new short film 'Shoebox Memories', an offbeat musical romcom, about a guy who falls for a girl that's only interested in no-strings-attached.. Colm plays the male lead in the film, Chris who is a music teacher whose dreams of writing music died a long time ago before meeting Emma Jane who inspired him back into writing music.

Listen to 'You, Me & The World' below.

Ciaran O'Brien

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