Grace Lightman – Vapour Trails

Grace Lightman has revealed a new video for her track 'Vapour Trails'. The ex front woman of London psych-rockers The Hypnotic Eye, Lightman found herself taking a solo journey on which she is keen to draw on some of her influences and passions - the warped weirdness of Vincent Gallo films, the swagger and style of Debbie Harry, and the understated musical sensuality of Francois Hardy and Nico and turn them into something of her own.

'Vapour Trails' is a minimalistic love ballad that focuses on a piano led backing that slowly grows into a marching beat but always allowing for the honey-coated vocals of Lightman to take center stage. The combination of heartfelt lyrics and the rise and fall of the beat only add to the emotional element in a similar vain to London Grammar.

The accompanying video is described as an enthralling love-letter to Grace's cinematic and musical influences. In it we see actress Alice Sanders in an abandoned old cinema with a simple approach of harsh lighting and black and white styling. It follows the music starting off in a simple portrait of Lightman and building slowly throughout adding new visuals along the way.

We can't wait to see what Grace Lightman comes out with after this debut outing, she is definitely someone we will be keeping a keen eye on.

Check out the official video for Vapour Trails' below.

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