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A new name on the music scene is Bryde otherwise known as Sarah Howells, who you may know from the band Paper Aeroplanes. Bryde's music is packed with atmospheric sounds and delicate lyrics that draw the listener into her every word.

I caught up with Bryde and asked her about going solo, touring and what she is listening to.

You have just released your debut single 'Wait', can you tell me a bit about the song?

Wait is probably the most personal and honest song I've written, and they're all pretty personal. I literally had tears running down my face when I was writing it at some points and I think that's almost audible in the lyrics sometimes. Some serious cathartic moments writing these songs. It's about being in a toxic relationship and how that can make us behave in a way that can leave us unrecognisable to ourselves. It's got this almost pleading tone that is me at my most vulnerable. But I believe that honesty about those moments is where your strength comes from.

What was the thought process behind branding this new music as Bryde rather than using your own name?

Branding sounds so business-like! I just wanted a fresh start and a new white-sheet of a creative platform to start from.

Obviously you are also part of the band Paper Aeroplanes, what are the differences you have experienced so far as a solo act?

The freedom is immense. I would definitely call myself a team player but I'm also very spontaneous and full of ideas and the best thing about being solo is that I can act upon my own energy and gut feelings with no restrictions. It's meant that I've had to learn to watch myself and reign in some of my impulses and impatience.

You have a bunch of shows coming up in the UK as well as ones in Paris and New York, are you excited to hit the road and play this new material live?

If I go for too long without playing live I'm prone to getting a bit cynical and jaded by music. Then I play a gig and I KNOW that it's what I'm meant to be doing with my little life.

You have previously released some songs as part of Chocolate Factory Sessions, including a version of Wait that differs from the one featured in your new video, what made you alter the song for the new release?

It started as a way to experiment with new producer friend Simon Byrt, We worked together really well and I loved what he did to the song and the new sounds he got on the lead guitar. I feel like it really drew out more emotion from the track we already had.
To be honest the Chocolate Factory Sessions was always more of work in progress session in order to have something properly recorded to play people. I didn't feel like Bryde existed until I had at least 2 songs to play someone. Dougal Lott who recorded it is an incredible engineer and got this warmth from the vocals and guitars that meant it stood up on it's own.

You list some of your influences as Scout Nibblet, PJ Harvey and Ben Howard, who is on your playlist these days?

They're all still on there. But this year I've been listening to loads of The Japanese House, The Bulls, The National and just discovered a girl called Margaret Glaspy.

There is an overflow of great musicians in the UK, especially in London, what do you think is the best way to get your music heard over the rest of the crowd?

Hmmm who knows! Just playing lots of shows and making sure you play them super well. Word spreads when someone does a good show.

What can we expect from Bryde during the rest of 2016?

More music! EP1 and EP2 are coming before the year is out on 10" vinyl. I need to write some songs first though. And hopefully lots more shows!

Ciaran O'Brien

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