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Molly Sterling shot to a household name last year while representing Ireland at the Eurovision. With the upcoming release of her new five track EP 'Chrysalis' I asked her some questions about the Eurovision and what we can expect from her going forward.

You have been relatively quiet since the Eurovision, what have you been up to between then and now?

Yeah, I guess I've just been planning my next move really. Getting a set together and finishing some production on the songs for Chrysalis. Things like that! Did a few gigs in between then and now but not too many. So, yeah, I've just been preparing myself for the few months ahead. There's some many avenues to go down in the music industry and it just takes a while to figure out which one you want to explore first.

How important was it for you to get the experience from something like Eurovision? Do you feel that it has helped you move forward with your music?

The exposure from the Eurovision has been invaluable! If you can walk into a venue and have a few thousand views on YouTube and a performance on something like the Eurovision to show the booker, it helps a lot. Also, the relationships that I built from that experience are now some of the most important relationships in my life. The whole Irish delegation are like a family to me now and that is honestly my favorite part of looking back on my Eurovision experience!

You released a track called Fake The Coast back in November that had a different style from what people may be familiar hearing from you, why the change in style? Do you feel this new sound is more reflective of who you are now?

It's funny that you say that because I wouldn't consider the style of Fake The Cost new. It's just that people haven't heard much else from me apart from Playing With Numbers, y'know?
And yes, this track is definitely more reflective of my songwriting style at the moment. I've always loved delving into dark lyrics. I reckon that's where the release in writing comes from most for me and I'm excited to show people the result of that in my songs!!

Hands off is the first release to come from Chrysalis. What is the song about and why have you chosen it as the first release?

To be honest, I chose Hands Off because it's probably the most contrasting to Playing With Numbers!! Haha! To give people a bit of a shock maybe?! But no, I was just ready to show the different side of myself that I've come to develop in the last few months. It's also a really fun song to play because I get to be pissed off and I don't have to hold anything back while performing it. It's a kind of hell for leather song for me, emotionally. I could talk about the meaning of Hands Off for days but it mainly deals with themes of objectification in a relationship and the steps up to that point where the abuse gets too much and the suppressed partner is ready to find value in themselves again. Which has a huge amount of freedom attached but that same realization is also devastating. When you realize that what you invested your love in was pure objectification, that can be when devastation kicks in, right?
So, I feel that Hands Off expresses that freedom for that person but also exposes the devastation of the relationship in hindsight. So it's a bit of a catch 22 emotionally.
See!! Told you I could ramble on about it!!

What can we expect from the rest of Chrysalis?

Hmmm...good question! I suppose you can expect truth, anger and revelations!! Songwriting is my favorite thing in the whole world so, with the release of Chrysalis, I'm just so excited to show the lyrics that have helped me deal with so much. And the main goal is that those lyrics have some sort of universal effect on other people.

After being in the public eye last year with Playing With Numbers do you feel any pressure coming up to the release of Chrysalis?

Y'know what, at first I really did. While me and Greg were working on it in the studio I was feeling the pressure cos I was so in the moment and trying to work so hard! But at the same time, I wasn't listening to my gut. I think, once I let go of other people's expectations or opinions and expectations I had for myself, and really listened to what I wanted to do with my music and what sound I enjoyed performing most things got so much easier. It's amazing to just have the songs out there after working on them for so long!

You are stateside at the minute, do you have any musical plans while there? When can we expect to hear you playing live in Ireland again?

Oooooh dude, I have SO much plans while over here. Most of them are very 'in the moment' plans but we do have a few things prepared that I'm SO psyched about. Can't reveal the big ones right now but I can tell you that I'll be playing at a few venues around Aspen for the next two weeks and then heading down to LA again for more adventures. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for more info on the exciting stuff!!
Not sure what my plans are for when I get back home but it will be just in time for festival season so hopefully I'll sneak in there somewhere!

What are the plans for the rest of 2016?

The million dollar question, eh? Haha...if I knew I'd tell you! Really just riding the wave at the moment but I can confirm that there will be lots more music released and some cool appearances here and there. I really feel good about 2016. It's gonna be rockin'! And thanks to everyone who's helping me out and has chipped in so far. You're all class.

Watch Molly perform 'Whiskey' for The OB Sessions below.

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