Interview: Wyvern Lingo

A band taking Ireland by storm with their infectious melody driven indie-pop, Wyvern Lingo are fresh off playing their sold out headline show in the Button Factory and are sure to be back to play to bigger crowds later this year! With the release of their 'Letter To Willow' EP Wyvern Lingo have cemented a solid spot among Ireland's best talents.

I caught up with the girls and we talked about BBC Radio, Hozier and Muay Thai. Read the interview below.

So the new EP is now out, what can they expect from the rest of the EP and how important was it for you guys to get this new material heard?

Well, over the last year we have developed as a band and we have grown a lot from the Widow Knows EP. We have recently gone full time and concentrating only on gigs, songwriting and becoming better players. It was important to get this EP out sooner rather than later and show the world what we've been working on.

There has been a great response to Letter To Willow so far, with Huw Stephens even championing it on BBC Radio 1, did you expect this type of response to the new material?

We didn't really know what to expect as we were aware that this EP marked a big transition for us, but to have people respond to that and jump right on board is amazing. We have worked very hard and to have someone like Huw Stephens give Letter to Willow it's first play was a huge compliment. We met him in Dingle where we recorded a session for Other Voices and he's lovely!

There is a strong connection between Wyvern Lingo and Hozier, how important has that relationship been for you, to have that constant support from him?

Hozier has been a constant inspiration to us. We had the pleasure of touring with him and his crew a few times now and they are the most hard working bunch we have ever met. Before the madness, Karen and Andrew were in a band together called "Zazka", so they have been friends for years. Later on, Caoimhe and Karen both sang backing vocals for Hozier on different occasions and Karen sing's the duet "In A Week" on his album. Hozier and his crew have always looked out for us and given us advice whenever needed. I think its safe to say he's the best lad.

Over the last year you have played in various venues and cities across the globe, what has been your favourite experience to date as a band?

Our Letter To Willow EP Launch last Friday in the Button Factory without a doubt. We couldn't believe we sold out and the crowd were electric. The energy was insane and we have not stopped smiling since.

You are playing your first UK festival this summer, The Great Escape, how have you found the festival experience and are you excited to experience it over in the UK?

We all love the festival experience. It's a chance to play to so many fresh ears and now we get the chance to play to UK festival ears! We have got such a good response from the UK over the past year. Our next headliner in the UK is in the Lexington London on the May 21st.

There is often a very false state of thinking that all female bands are in some way inferior to an all male line up, which we have seen used against bands like Haim for instance, have you experienced any of that criticism or seen that idea being thrown around?

We've certainly gotten reviews that like to point out the obvious elements that we don't read in reviews of "all-male bands"- ('and they play their own instruments..., they wrote and arranged this song themselves") or comparisons to bands we have nothing in common with other than gender.

It's a pretty archaic perception though, thankfully it's never come our way by way of criticism (yet).

Irish music is making waves at the minute with acts like Hozier and Gavin James making it in the states, how conscious are you of trying to break into that market?

Breaking the states is the dream really! At the moment we are excited about touring our new EP and working on new material for the next release.

The tour has kicked off and finishes in London in May, how excited are you to let the fans hear the new material live and to just get out and play your own headline tour after a long run of supporting acts like Hozier?

We love being on the road, and are really excited to play the new stuff live. While supporting is a great way to reach new fans, there's nothing like playing to a room full of people who are there to see you- even if it's just 100 people.

I have a feature on my blog called The OB Sessions, so I was wondering what your obsessions are at the minute both musically and in everyday life?

At the moment Karen's Obsession would be Muay Thai- (mess with us and she will get you). Caoimhe's would be her 1 year old nephew Donagh (band practise becomes very quickly shortened if the chance comes to babysit) and Saoirse's would be discovering new bands on spottily (DJ Sirsh rides shotgun in the van always)

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