Introducing: Chanele McGuinness

Ever since we caught a glimpse of Chanele McGuinness gracing the stage of Sea Sessions last year during there unsigned slots we have been following her journey with a close eye. We caught up with the Donegal based singer-songwriter in the beautiful Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin and she treated us to some exclusive performances of two of her tracks, 'Ghost' and 'Dreams', which can be seen below.

Chanele McGuinness hails from Donegal, Ireland and has been an active member of the YouTube music community for around 5 years now. When asked about using YouTube McGuinness states, "The first ever video I posted on YouTube was a cover and the camera was pointed at my bedroom wall. It was completely pointless. And then I started getting these comments saying “Show your face! You're good!” So I did, and I kept making videos after that. I don't do it as frequently anymore but I still think that Youtube is an amazing resource for people living out in the middle of nowhere with a less accessible audience. You can share your music with the world so easily and that really fascinated me." To date Chanele has amounted over one million and eighty-seven thousand views on her YouTube channel. (We highly suggest her cover of Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen)

When it comes to songwriting Chanele tells us, "I draw inspiration from pretty much anywhere and everywhere else! I love writing songs about fictional stories or basing songs on movies. I sometimes write about dreams or nightmares I've had. If I someone is talking about something interesting that has happened to them, I'll sometimes take mental notes & write a song about it that they'll never even know about."

When listening to any of Chanele's songs you can't help but be mesmerised by her angelic voice, and great vocal range. Her style, although verging into timid, demands the attention of a crowd as it did when we caught her supporting Irish band White Chalk in The Academy 2 at the end of May. It is not often that an artist finds their own sound this early in their musical journey but McGuinness has carved a space in the Irish music scene for her quirky lullabies.

Chanele treated us to an intimate performance of her song 'Ghost' in the scenic surroundings of Dublin's Smock Alley Theatre and when asked about the song she tells us that "“Ghost” is written through the eyes of a ghost. I wanted to write a song about death that wasn't so sad. The line “everybody's just a body with a ghost inside” is kind of like a reminder to myself & everyone that someday we're all going to die (how morbid!) but when we do, I'd like to believe that the soul and spirit inside us lives on in some way."

McGuinness is about to set off on a European and UK tour with Natalie Prass. The tour will see the flame haired songstress grace stages in Berlin, Koln, Paris, Brussels, Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester, and a sold out London. We asked about how this tour came about. "I've been listening to Natalie for a few years. I found out about her music through another band that I love from Nashville called Paper Route. Then she came to Dublin in January for the first time, so I went to the show and said hello to her afterwards. She instantly recognised me from all of my twitter fangirling! Hahaha (I laugh, but its true!) And then I saw her again in March when she opened for Ryan Adams in the Olympia. After that show we joked about singing together someday & going dress shopping together – a few weeks later I got an email from her asking would I like to open for her on tour? I was like screaming in my head but tried to type out a really normal, chill reply. I'm still internally screaming. I can't wait!!"

Make sure to follow Chanele on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and watch our session video for 'Ghosts' below.

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