Introducing: Megan Collins

Megan Collins is an 18-year-old, self-taught singer/songwriter from County Cork, Ireland. Having already established herself online with over 8000 YouTube Subscribers and over 500,000 views, Megan is one to watch for the future of Irish music.

Having played her first headline show in December 2014 in Cyprus Avenue in her home town of Cork Megan seems to be on the rise with her energetic brand of pop music. Having already rubbed shoulders with the likes of Nina Nesbitt and gained a few fans in the shapes of Gavin James, Kodaline and Hozier the sky is the limit for Megan Collins.

Megan has a positive outlook on life claiming that "There’s no better feeling to me than that extreme feeling. Whether it’s being extremely happy or extremely surprised or extremely frightened, I love it. The element of surprise is one of my

favourite things in the whole world. That’s why I'm a sucker for a twist in the tale. No matter how many bad things happen, I like to believe there’s always a good thing to counteract that. I'm a firm believer of my mam’s “big wheel” method. She always tells me “believe me, girl. There’s a big wheel, but it’ll always and eventually come around.” To be honest, I've witnessed it first-hand and I don’t think anyone has ever been more right about anything, ever."

Megan gets compared to global superstar Taylor Swift quite a lot, something that I am sure can only be taken as a compliment. It could be the blonde hair or the use of ruby red lipstick that creates the comparison but it can only be strengthened by her many YouTube covers of some of Swift's songs. If you want to try and categorise Megan's voice think of a mixture of Swift and Nina Nesbitt with more of an edge to it at the same time.

For Megan song writing comes as a form of emotional expression stating "I write songs because I don’t know how to say something to that person in reality. I find it easier to sing rather than have a conversation about the issue... I’ve never been in a situation where I thought “I can’t write that! They’ll know straight away it’s about them!” I’ll always speak my mind in a song, no matter what the subject of the song is." This bravery when it comes to song writing will let Megan loose lyrically on her tracks, something that will no doubt be evident when we get the chance to get our hands on her debut EP.

For now Megan has let us have a listen to her debut single 'We Always Find A Way' by way of her YouTube Channel. This is a fantastic debut from the young Irish native that follows in the footsteps of the folk-pop sound that worked so successfully for Kodaline. Megan's career may only be in its infancy but the future is bright for the 18 year old.

Make sure to follow her on Facebook and YouTube and check out the video for 'We Always Find A Way' below.

Ciaran O'Brien

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