Listen: Basciville – Sweetheart Rodio

Wexford brothers Basciville have just unveiled a brand new recording of their song 'Sweetheart Rodeo' recorded at Asta Kalapa Studios.

Having just come off a very impressive set at Hard Working Class Heroes in The Workman's Club Cillian and Lorcan have garnered a lot of interest in their music from industry and fans alike.

The similarities to Hozier can not be passed over, however there is more of an indie edge to Basciville. An always impressive live band, they have spent time recording recently and only gigging sporadically, something that goes against that try get as many gigs as possible mentality.

Sweetheart Rodeo has always been a favourite when seeing the lads perform and it perfectly showcases the powerful vocals of Cillian against the bounce of the guitar.

Ciaran O'Brien

Founder of The OB, Ciaran is also a cameraman and video editor that has an obsession with all things music. He created The OB Sessions in 2014 and set up The OB Blog in 2015.

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