Listen: LAOISE – Halfway

Dublin based indie-pop artist LAOISE returns with new single 'Halfway', a delicately blended track that carries a dark undertone throughout.

Having burst onto the scene with debut single 'You' three months ago LAOISE has been impressing everywhere she has ventured. 'You' has garnered over 170,000 plays on Spotify as well reaching no. 4 in the U.K. & no. 17 in Norway Viral 50.

'Halfway' continues on from where 'You' left off providing a melodic chorus that is irresistible. The track has more room to breathe within it than the debut single and switches emphasis from a more guilt filled beginning to an ending that seems to leave those heavier feelings behind.

LAOISE combines with the ever present Sean Behan of A Place Called Kai Studios for the track that has been a favourite of mine when having the pleasure of catching the live set.

2017 seems to be the year that will make LAOISE's name common place when discussing the next big Irish stars. Her blend of candy-floss pop carries relatable themes delivered in a perfectly wrapped delight for the ears. Couple this with her obvious attention to detail when it comes to image, the stark difference of the soft pink with the more ominous sound creates a contrast that just seems to work, and the future seems to only be bright for the Galway native..

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