Listen: Laura Keane – In Or You’re Out

Irish songstress Laura Keane has unveiled new song 'In Or You're Out', a pop track that borrows strong influences from funk and soul. Keane's voice comes across as a powerhouse vocal that is showcased in both its loud and brash form and in a more tender form at times too. The song is a catchy track that seems like it would suit a live performance but I can't help but feeling that it is lacking that something special that I know Keane has in her bag of tricks from seeing her perform live previously. It all feels a bit to obvious to me!

This style of music isn't a very common one in Ireland at the minute which is a strong selling point for Laura Keane. It will be interesting to see what is next from Keane, I am hopeful for something a bit less cliche than what is offered on 'In Or You're Out'.

Listen to In Or You're Out below.

Ciaran O'Brien

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