Listen: Paul Mosley – The World Is Flat

Paul Mosley has tried to take his creativity up another notch with the release of ‘The Butcher’, his folk opera over the past two years, to reveal what is in fact his seventh solo record. Featuring a stunning 20 songs, with 20 plus musicians from six different countries 'The Butcher' is an epic ghost story told through song.

'The World Is Flat' features Jamie Lawson playing the part of the star gazer and Esther Dee playing the scientist. The track carries the feeling of a medieval fable throughout which is emphasised by its strings that give it that very subtle sense of joy. Lawson and Dee's vocals fit perfectly together providing a dynamic flow to this story.

The full album features a staggering 20 songs, with 20 plus musicians from six different countries. 'The Butcher' is an epic ghost story told in songs. It's a brilliant concept akin to Nilsson's 'The Point', Kate Bush's 'The Ninth Wave' and especially Anais Mitchell's 'Hadestown'. Other artists on the record include Moses (Paul's old band), Bird Radio, Carolyn Mark (Canadian Juno award winner), Josienne Clarke (BBC Folk Awards 2015 winner) and musicians from Florence & The Machine, Feist, Benjamin Clementine and Patrick Wolf's bands.

Listen to The World Is Flat below.

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