My Top Discoveries of 2015

2015 was a great year for music, especially in my life. This was the year that this blog was launched properly and that I got to meet and make so many friends through music. It also was a year of musical discovery for me. I got to listen to so many artists that I never had the opportunity to previously whether it be through seeing them live or even getting the chance to record with them.

Because of this I decided to put together my own list of my top musical discoveries of 2015.

10. Taylors Lane

This brother sister duo have a great sound and their vocals blend seamlessly together. It would be impossible for me to exclude these guys from this list as when I filmed Taylors Lane in Bushy Park back in April it was my first time meeting the guys and a lot of the people I have met since then have come about through becoming great friends with Jackie.

9. Sorcha NB

Sorcha NB I did not know much about prior to about a month ago. It is ridiculous how talented this Dingle based musician is, especially at such a tender age of 17. Her EP is brilliant and shows great maturity within her song writing. I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to film with Sorcha so during Other Voices in Dingle this year I met up with her and filmed two acoustic sessions.

8. Mongoose

It seems mad to me that I have only got to know Mongoose in the last year. I first saw the girls play acoustically on Two Tube and then I invited them to a local park to film some acoustic sessions. The magic behind this band for me is the deep and honest vocals from Molly along with the interesting blend of genres that when combined make up their sound. Later in the year I got to work with the girls again on a music video for their song 'Slow-burning Feeling' along with my friend Shannon Purcell which was a fantastic experience.

7. Ailbhe Reddy

Ailbhe Reddy is somebody who when I first met I didn't even know she sang never mind that she was so good! I have had the pleasure of filming with Ailbhe a few times over the past few months and am excited to see what she can achieve with her new EP due out early next year. I have seen Ailbhe play sets by herself and with a band and she always delivers a great performance without fail. Her unique vocal and great ability to tell a story are something that set her apart from the stampede of female singer-songwriters in Ireland at the minute.

6. Billie Martin

I had the pleasure of seeing Billie Martin live in The Button Factory in Dublin supporting Lucy Rose in October and fell in love with her voice. The sense of emotion that is portrayed in her vocal is immense and she has just been announced on the BBC Music list for 2016 so we will be hearing a lot more of her music very soon!

5. Maria Kelly

Maria Kelly is somebody who I filmed with closer to the start of the year and I couldn't get enough of her voice. The way it just guides you gently through her heartfelt lyrics is something so special! If you ever have the chance to see Maria Kelly play live I highly suggest that you grasp it without hesitation. I was lucky enough to work with Maria again later in the year to make a video for her latest song 'Before It Has Begun'.
Before It Has Begun - Maria Kelly

Let me introduce you to my song 'Before It Has Begun'.If you enjoy this video, please pass it on to someone who might like it too. I am excited and terrified to find out what you all think!Thank you so much to Ciarán O'Brien Media for the video.You can also download the track here for free:

Posted by Maria Kelly on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

4. Jack Garrat

Jack Garrat is already set for a huge 2016 having won the Brits Choice Award. Jack came to my attention early on in the year but it was not until closer to the end of the year that I gave his music a proper listen. Luckily I then got to travel down to Other Voices in Dingle and see him perform live, which is an incredible sight to see as he seems to strive to play as many instruments as humanly possible all at once.

3. Rachael Lavelle

I first heard of Rachael Lavelle when I stumbled across her Facebook page. Once I listened to one song by her I knew that she had something special. Her vocal ability and unique song structures bring a sense of life to her music that portrays nothing but pure heartfelt raw honesty. I was lucky enough to get to film with Rachael back in July and was blown away with her performance of 'Robot. Her EP is a must have in my books and she is an act you shouldn't miss live if you have the chance to see her!

2. Rosie Carney

This is an artist that I came across near the end of the summer. Rosie Carney has a sound that would could transport you to another era of music. I had the chance to film with Rosie a few months back and her voice is as impressive in person as it is on her recordings. Rosie is probably the best artist I feel has flown under the radar in 2015. I can see big things coming in the future for her and hope that her music gets to be experienced by as many people as possible in 2016 as I can not get enough of it!

1. Aurora

Auroa first came to my attention through a video of hers shared by Irish musician Orla Gartland on Facebook. I was instantly taken in by her hypnotising performances, clear vocals and amazed at how young she was while already having such a well defined sound to her music. To top it all off Aurora sang on the John Lewis Christmas advert this year which brought her to even more people's attention. I am sure that we will be hearing a lot more of Aurora throughout 2016.

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