Repeal It! # 2 – The OB Live

The OB Live crew are back for round #2 of REPEAL IT!

After our sold-out first show of REPEAL IT!, we decided it just wasn't enough, and have decided to run a second show with an even bigger line-up in the hottest new venue in town - The Bowery.

You know the drill, let's REPEAL IT! 100% of the proceeds are going towards the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment.

Our featured acts on the night, are the following:





***Tickets are €10 and available through Eventbrite***

"Since 2014, The OB has showcased a number of incredible artists all over the country. The blog has featured a number of rising independent artists as well as some well known house hold names. It’s ever growing success is proof of the talent and power in music that Ireland possesses, and we are about to harness that power in order to do something great.

As Justin Vernon so eloquently explains “music is the buoyant substance that we grab onto when the water rises above our heads”. It is through music that we can make a difference, and the OB is our new weapon of choice."

The OB Live Crew - Ciaran, Jackie and Laura

Ciaran O'Brien

Founder of The OB, Ciaran is also a cameraman and video editor that has an obsession with all things music. He created The OB Sessions in 2014 and set up The OB Blog in 2015.

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