Review: Chanele McGuiness – Already Gone

Fresh off touring with Natalie Prass in Europe and the UK Chanele McGuinness' releases her new EP 'Already Gone' which proves that she is one of the most promising Irish musical talents to come about in years.

Chanele McGuinness will be a familiar name to anybody who has been following us online recently. We wrote an introducing article on her in June, which you can read here.

The EP kicks off with 'O Little Dove' a haunting melody that would not be out of place in a movie soundtrack. The song constantly builds with a drone emphasising the haunting sound of Chanele's vocals. Without any break we are led

into the steady rhythmic strumming of 'Already Gone', one of the stand out songs from the EP.

'Secrets' follows and sets a different tone to the opening of the EP. A distorted, vintage inspired vocal is heard throughout with a chirpy ukulele melody underneath. 'Terrified' brings us back to the haunting music of the EP's opening, with dark and melancholic piano hitting us from the get go. Chanele's vocal ability impresses throughout showcasing wide range with meaningful lyrics where every word seems to come directly from the heart.

The EP finishes on 'Ghost', a song you may already be familiar with if you seen our session video with Chanele in the beautiful surroundings of Dublin's Smock Alley Theatre. The recorded track adds sudden piano bursts that are reminiscent of creeping footsteps before strings join the arrangement playing on the chilling melody that is provided by the vocals of McGuinness.

'Already Gone' is an EP that provides intense emotions while intoxicating you with beautiful vocals and subtle arrangements that will haunt your eardrums. Chanele's vocals take centre stage with her thoughts and emotions laid out in front of us offering a change to pick at her life experiences.

Watch the video for 'Already Gone' below.
Article Author: Ciaran O'Brien

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