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Award winning unsigned singer songwriter Demi Louise is set to release her next single 'Taxi Driver' on Friday 26th February. The single was written and recorded in just 5 hours at 2015 Canadian Music Week APRA song hub with Canadian producers/writers Tawgs Salter, Mike Wise and Carlton Stone.

'Taxi Driver' is an instant radio hit! It's catchy chorus and relatable lyrics lend itself to being something you are singing along to on the first listen. Demi tells us about how she is spilling her life out to people she may not even know singing "You don't know my face, and you don't know my name, but I'll tell you anyway... all my secrets one by one, so let the metre run."

Demi Louise has a history of doing well having won the Australian Songwriters Association Pop Song of The Year award in 2014 and nominated twice again in 2015. Demi was also selected for the APRA Song Hubs in London & Toronto and her song 'Rivers Run to Red' was covered by the winner of The Voice in Germany. Having already built up a strong following across the globe Demi is already on her way to creating something special and 'Taxi Driver' could be the song to help her get there! It remains a mystery to me why Demi Louise has yet to be signed!

You can pre order Taxi Driver by Demi Louise on iTunes here:

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