Review: Gary O’Neill – Gracefully With Haste

Gary O'Neill is a 21 year old singer-songwriter hailing from Kilkenny, Ireland who is now based in Dublin. Set to release his new EP ' Gracefully With Haste' with a show in the Unitarian Church in the heart of Dublin on Friday 12th June and with Hozier being quoted saying about Gary, "... A rare, honest voice. His songs are both beautiful and sentimental - invoking memories, for me, of John Martyn." we are expecting big things for Gary.

The EP kicks off with lead track 'Vienna' which is a toe tapping travelling tune filled with unique vocal stylings from O'Neill. 'Treasure Chest' takes the listener down a different path than 'Vienna' providing us with a feel of

an old school jazz crooner along with trumpets and a danceable breakdown between verse and chorus. 'One Last Dance' switches up the style again with Gary giving us a glimpse of his country alter ego. The song is filled with emotional lyrics that provide a needed rest from the tempo of the first two tracks.

The second half of the EP provides us with yet more styles Gary is dipping his feet into. 'If You Don't Mind Honey' takes inspiration from Hozier with added jazz influences carried on from previous tracks. This track is one of the stand outs on the EP with its fast stings and guitar riffs flowing throughout all ending in the soft song of a saxophone. 'In Search of Something New' is a mellow indie ballad that consistently builds with the growth of Gary's desperation to find that something new. The EP closes with 'Hannah & The Cobblestones' the slowest track on the EP which provides ample space for Gary to showcase the honesty that oozes from his vocals.

Overall the EP sees Gary trying his hand at a few different styles but with enough familiarity throughout that it will not confuse the listener. Stand out tracks are 'Vienna', If You Don't Mind Honey' and 'Hannah & The Cobblestones'

Make sure to watch our session video with Gary performing his track Vienna last December in front of a Christmas tree in Whelans.

Ciaran O'Brien

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