Review: Geoff Allen – Borrowed Voices EP

Geoff Allen is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has experimented with his 'Borrowed Voices EP'. The EP features four tracks of his own composition, with each one featuring a different lead singer. Abby Molloy, Hazel Conway, Karen Horan and Gavin Davis are the four vocalists that feature on the EP, who each create their own stamp on their individual tracks.

The songs showcase a real talent for songwriting by Allen. Each track feels similar but yet so different from the last, providing an EP that stands out from the crowd, nearly like a compilation EP of sorts. The first track on the EP is 'Brought To Life' with Abbey Molloy. An indie pop track that would fit in smoothly on any radio station's playlist. The measured vocals of Molloy are accompanied by a popping guitar and constant energy.

'Midnight' with Hazel Conway brings the energy down from the previous track giving us a slow paced indie ballad that is full of emotion, portrayed brilliantly in Conway's vocals. 'Waking Up' featuring Gavin Davis is the stand out track form this collaboration EP. His vocals have a certain popular appeal to them and the minimal approach to the song shows the real talent of Allen's songwriting. The track feels as if it is in constant movement which keeps the listener engaged throughout. The final song on the EP is 'Melt' featuring Karen Horan. This is the weakest song lyrically on the EP and feels a bit disjointed at times.

Borrowed Voices EP was recorded at Jealoustown Recording Studios with producer/engineer Stuart Gray (Hozier, Ryan Sheridan, Brian Kennedy). Geoff Allen had previously worked with Stuart Gray on two occasions, recording with his long-time band Badger Hill, for which he writes and performs.

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