Review: Ryan McMullan – Listen EP

Listen EP paints a picture of an artist that one doesn't come across very often on the Emerald Isle. Ryan McMullan could be described as a cross between Hozier and Daughtry. The Northern Irish singer has created a blues inspired EP that stands out from the crowd.

The EP kicks off with 'Holding Me Down' which instantly showcases the powerhouse vocals that McMullan poseses. His vocal is at the forefront for the beginning of this song which you can not help but compare to Daughtry.

'Listen' is next up and it gives more of a blues vibe from the get go with its guitar riffs. Ryan McMullan continues his impressive vocal performance on this track, staying at full volume throughout the whole thing. That is probably the biggest issue with this song though as it stays at the same level throughout and fails to take the listener anywhere.

'Time To Make A Change' is by far the least blues sounding track on the album and instead sounds more like an R'n'B ballad. This type of sound suits McMullan down to the ground, his voice fits perfectly above the piano led backing and allows him room to show off vocally with a few runs. The constant build up in this song makes you feel the emotion seeping through straight from McMullan.

The EP finishes with 'To Feel Alive' which provides us with a more moody and haunting side to the Northern Irish musician. This is by far the strongest track on the EP and reminds me of a rockier version of Hozier. If McMullan continues down the path of this track he could be on his way to great success.

Check out the video for 'Holding Me Down' below

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