Review: Solange – Don’t Touch My Hair

This is the sound of Solange laying down the rules of the music game she currently owns. Her new single oozes confidence, and with help from Sampha’s velvety textured voice, Solange is gently letting everyone know that she is another Knowles goddess that absolutely will not play privy to society's boundaries.

The song is a straight up talk-to-the-hand to anyone who has ever been told to tone down their individual style or creativity.

We’re enticed into the single with a soothing yet slightly ominous beat. Solange’s sweet vocals are contrasted here against her firm lyrics that act as a warning to whoever is listening;

"Don’t touch my crown
They say the vision I’ve found”.

Then, just as we’re getting used to the songs' curious uncertainty, we are welcomed into the chorus with a groove that effortlessly takes control and naturally lets loose. Solange lets down her hair.

Joined by Sampha, whose electronic influence is heard throughout like sprinkles of gold dust, the song rises, builds and in a way almost jokingly taunts anyone who thinks they might have something to say to Solange.

“What you say to me
What you say to me.”

“Don’t Touch My Hair” is an example of the fearless musical craftsmanship found in Solange’s bold new record. Production finery at it’s best, and with a music video as hot and chic as the one that accompanies it (I strongly suggest checking it out), this single and the record in full are set to dominate.

Jackie Hennessy

Being an artist herself music runs through Jackie's veins. When not thinking about music she can often be found daydreaming about dogs.

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