Review: The Carnabys – No Money On The Moon

Having burst into the spotlight in the UK less than 12 months ago, with their debut single ‘The Pocket’ during the summer of 2014, the Carnabys have been at the receiving end of a flurry of accolades, including being asked to support Blondie on their UK and EU tour dates. The Carnabys sound is reminiscent of a vintage 90's rock band that also seems take influence from artists such as Oasis mixed with something more recent like Arctic Monkeys. Singer Jack Mercer notes that “Music is meant to excite and enthuse people, its there for people to enjoy” , and this album is definitely made to try and excite.

The album kicks off with 'The Pocket' which sounds like it is tailor made to be part of a Carlsberg or Heineken advert, with motion from beginning to end filled with guitar riffs and roaring vocals. 'Where Did You Go' follows this and this is where The Carnabys are at their strongest with mercers accent coming out and providing the listener with a sense of what this band is all about. It is hard not to compare this track with Orson's 'No Tommorrow', whether that is a good or bad thing I am not sure, but this track is definitely radio friendly by that comparison.

'Come Over Come Stay' follows the first few songs off the album and seamlessly blends the all out roaring of 'Pockets with the more subtly sounds of 'Where Did You Go'. The next two tracks are two of the strongest off the album both providing different versions of The Carnabys. 'It's Not The Same is a mellow heartbreak song that is subtle in its arrangement and lets the vocal style of Mercer shine. 'You Would Say' follows on from 'Where Did You Go' but executes style wise to the fullest. Other stand out tracks on 'No Money On The Moon' are the thumper of a track 'Is That My Body' , 'Breathing' and single 'Where I'd Rather Be'.

'No Money On The Moon' showcases The Carnabys in various forms but it is when they rise from subtlety into all out rock that they excel.

Watch the official video for 'Where I'd Rather Be' below

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