Shura Announces debut Album

Shura has confirmed the release of her debut album ‘Nothing’s Real' due out on 8th July. Threaded throughout the album are samples of home movies from Shura’s childhood, and her lifelong passion for Sci-fi: “I became obsessed with something like ‘Interstellar’ during the making of this album, which at its core is really all about time, death and family. The fact it’s set in space is almost irrelevant.”

The announcement was made along with the release of single ‘What’s It Gonna Be?’, a euphoric mix of motoring, Bruce-Springsteen-inspired rock and affecting R&B vocals. The song describes an attraction to someone who’s unavailable, and the crushing reality of a relationship which failed (but never actually started) and is accompanied by a video that challenges the norm of the society that is often force fed to us through TV and film.

Ciaran O'Brien

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