Top 10 Tracks for 2015: Gary O’Neill

It is coming up to the end of another year, there was some fantastic music released this year with some great new artists making a big name for themselves on an international level. As the year had so many great songs I decided to start a feature on the top ten tracks of 2015. I have asked a few people within the music industry to compile a list of their favourite tracks of 2015.

Check out the ninth list provided by Irish based singer Gary O'Neill.

10. Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky

An intensely still song. It's literally just a 2 chords repeated over & over a spacious 6 minutes or so. It's beautiful and it has a special place in my song list as the soundtrack to my time spent in California.

9. Chris Stapleton – Tenesse Whiskey

Not usually my vibe, the Amerciana country buzz – but this song is incredible. Right up my Dad's alley – but it kind of grew on me as a result. His voice is perfect. The song is simple. Turns out he's a renowned songwriter too, which I thought was interesting. He also talks about whiskey a lot, so that's cool.

8. Basciville – Blues In Red

Yet again some pals of mine who released an absolute gem of an EP earlier this year. I caught their launch in Dublin in the Pepper Canister Church. On the way back, myself and a dear pal of mine, Geoff – we spun the EP on the drive home. It kicks off with just a kick drum and Cil's voice – possibly the best, yet most simple introduction to an EP I've heard. That drive home was particularly sentimental, I remember – so this track kind of acts as it's soundtrack, in a way!

7. Jake McMullen – If I Go

Stumbled across this beauty recently. A lad from Nashville, I think. His voice instantly reminded me of my little brother – so I couldn't help but reserve a different kind of love for the song.

6. Ailbhe Reddy – Coffee

Again, another friend of mine – but still completely unbiased to the beauty of this track. I remember hearing it properly for the first time in a church – and Ailbhe's voice carried all along the aisles. Stunning story, gorgeous delivery – a personal favorite from her the Reddy songbook!

5. Will Stratton – Wild Rose

This guy is like my secret hidden gem, and he's got the most heartwrenching songbook I've heard in a long time. Wild Rose is stunning. His guitar playing a tuning patterns are outrageuous and his voice is like a whispering Iron & Wine. Not that well known – but he's got some incredible stories to tell.

4. Callum Orr – Hollywood Called

Callum's a dear pal of mine, so it's hard to sound un-biased when talking about his songs. There's a certain part of me that falls in love with the sentimental value of a song – and this is a prime example. We had been mates for quite a while before I first heard him play this at my launch night in Dublin – and on that particular evening, this song was a stand out. The song is flawless. It's drowned in these clashing augmented chords and you can't help but delve your ear a little deeper. Whether he's belting it out in an intimate gig setting or at a 4AM session on someone's sitting room floor – the song speaks for itself. It's gonna be on an EP of his in the New Year – so keep an ear & an eye out!

3. Foy Vance – Make It Rain

Foy Vance is by far my favourite artist to date. Undisputed. He's never put out a song I haven't fell in love with. I remember waiting ears for his new album to drop – and when it did - I locked my room, put on my headphones and completely zoned out. He released a live album earlier this year – and one of the tracks Make It Rain was a stand out. His voice carries the whole song. Ed Sheeran did a version of it for Sons Of Anarchy (I think). It's not bad – but Foy's live version is untouchable.

2. Gregory Alan Isakov – Big Black Car

As a lyricist – this guy is incredible. This song in particular is so soft and tender – it just hits me up in the feels every time. He's got a whispering voice and treats the song so delicately. It's a cracker!

1. Gregory Porter – On My Way To Harlem

Oh that silky smooth voice! There's a version he does in the Paradiso in Amsterdam with the Metropole Orchestra and it's absolutely breathtaking. The man has so much command in his voice. It's delivered with such an effortless velocity – it's impossible to turn an ear away!

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