Top 10 Tracks of 2015: Chanele McGuinness

It is coming up to the end of another year, there was some fantastic music released this year with some great new artists making a big name for themselves on an international level. As the year had so many great songs I decided to start a feature on the top ten tracks of 2015. I have asked a few people within the music industry to compile a list of their favourite tracks of 2015.

Check out the third list provided by Irish musician Chanele McGuinness.

10. Bitch Falcon – TMJ

Favourite Irish band of 2015. Everything I dream of being in another life. I can't wait to hear more from Bitch Falcon!

9. Mac Demarco – Another One

Music for the soul. It's also great bath time music, hahahaha but really. I respect this guy so much. He's such a joker but really when you watch documentaries about him, he is so smart & savvy when it comes to recording & producing. He just always delivers. Great songs.

8. Max Richter – Departure (Reflection)

If anyone knows me they'll know I was hooked on the show "The Leftovers" this year & a big part of the reason I loved it was because this man did the music. One of my favourite pieces from the series.

7. Matthew E. White – Fruit Trees

I just feel like a badass when I listen to this song. It's so good. SO GOOD.

6. Andy Shauf – Covered In Dust

I had never heard of this guy until about 2 months ago? I stumbled upon a portrait of him, staring straight into the camera teary eyed & it stopped me in my tracks. I had to go listen to the album & was immediately hooked. His voice is so endearing & unique. The album is packed full of clever lyrics & stories that you can only hope aren't true.

5. Julien Baker – Brittle Boned

This entire album was so striking. It stands out as a favourite. Her lyrics are just heart wrenchingly honest. She's so young & has went through so much.

4. Sufjan Stevens – Fourth Of July

I cry more often than not when this song comes on. 4:39 of goosebumps & heartache in all of its simplicity.

3. Phoebe Bridgers – Killer

I listened to this song a ridiculous amount of times in the summer. Like on repeat. For weeks. Hahaha. I love the lyrics. I mean, she references Jeffrey Dahmer. Its so weird but so good. I think its a one take recording of just her & her guitar. It just shows that a great song will always shine through, even without much production.

2. mewithoutYou – Red Cow

Ive been listening to this band for about 7 years now & they are just the most incredible band I have ever known of. Their lyrics and melodies challenge me every single album & I find something new instrumentally every time I listen. They are also some of the sweetest guys I've ever met. Also this song has the best drop into a chorus of 2015. Try convince me otherwise, I dare you (:

1. Natalie Prass – My Baby Don’t Understand Me

Definitely my favourite record of 2015. I met this lady in January and ended up touring with her this summer. She has the biggest heart to match her absolutely beautiful songs. The repetition of "our love is a long goodbye" along with the build of the instruments in the bridge has to be one of my favourite moments on the album. Just stunning through & through!
Chanele has also created a very handy Spotify playlist of her top ten tracks of 2015.

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