Top 10 Tracks of 2015: Christian Teirney

It is coming up to the end of another year, there was some fantastic music released this year with some great new artists making a big name for themselves on an international level. As the year had so many great songs I decided to start a feature on the top ten tracks of 2015. I have asked a few people within the music industry to compile a list of their favourite tracks of 2015.

Check out the sixth list provided by Irish video maestro Christian Tierney.

10. Nothing But Thieves – Itch

These guys are my favourite band of the 2015. Lead singer, Conor Mason's unbelievable vocals are what make this band so special for me. He can sing almost anything, transitioning during songs from a rugged rock tone to angelic, operatic vocals. The sheer amount of potential hit songs they have under their belt is equally as impressive, their self titled debut album released in October is full of amazing songs. Itch is the first song I heard from them and is still my favourite, with powerful riffs, and incredible vocal melody in the chorus and fantastic production, it's got everything.

9. The Staves – Make It Holy

These three sisters, Jessica, Camilla and Emily sing the most breathtaking harmonies I've ever heard. their voices blend like nothing you'll ever hear. That paired with beautifully written songs and Justin Vernon's production makes for a truly special collection of songs on their album If I Was, Make It Holy being my favourite of those. They also get bonus points for being some of the loveliest people I've ever met.

8. Dermot Kennedy – Without Fear

I think Dermot Kennedy is one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the country and his songs connect with me on a deeper emotional level than anything I've ever listened to. He delivers his poetic lyrics of love, pain, loss and happiness with a raw passion unlike anything I've ever heard. I get goosebumps every single time I listen to this song. It builds from almost a whisper to a powerful, emotional climax. It's truly breathtaking.

7. Gabrielle Aplin – Heavy Heart

I became obsessed with Gabrielle's newest album Light Up The Dark after seeing her perform it in London in September. I really connected with the songs and their lyrics, especially Heavy Heart. The soulful guitar chords and distinctive bass line on this track set a beautiful mood for her gorgeous vocals to sit on top of. Production wise it's quite a step from her debut album but I absolutely love it.

6. Ta-ku ft Sango & JMSN – Love Again

Australian producer Ta-ku teamed up with Sango and vocalist JMSN for this smooth R&B track. This song has had massive play on my Spotify this year, just an overall great track that I can listen to no matter what mood I'm in.

5. Sample Answer – Good Boy

This is the debut single from my good friend, Sample Answer. This song transcends genre barriers with elements of singer-songwriter, rock and hip-hop. This song has a mega catchy chorus with an infectious beat and really great, unique vocals. There's nobody like Sample Answer right now and I'm really excited to see his career grow over the next few years.

4. Alessia Cara – Here

This girl is the next big thing in music at only 18 years old. Her debut single Here was the introvert anthem of 2015. In a tsunami of party anthems and club bangers, this song fights back and speaks out for the ones who are less outgoing, like myself. I've had this on repeat all year. You're guaranteed to have heard it unless you've been living under a rock. I also absolutely adore the classy, Bond-like R&B production.

3. Snarky Puppy – The Curtain

What happens when you take a huge group of some of the most talented music nerds in the world and get them to perform with the largest jazz/pop symphony orchestra on the planet? You get Snarky Puppy's album, Sylva. My favourite piece from the album is called The Curtain. Almost like several songs in one, this piece changes dynamic and pace many times throughout, with calm piano and trumpet solos, powerful, full band, jazz breakdowns and futuristic bass and synth solos, this piece is a musical rollercoaster that I'll never get sick of.

2. JP Cooper – Satellite

I can't even sum up JP's talent with words, you'll just have to listen to this one yourself and try and make some sense of the magic you're experiencing.

1. Gavin James – Till The Sun Comes Up

2015 is the year that Gavin James became one or Ireland's biggest artist and I think 2016 will be the year that he makes the same impact on the rest of the world with the global release of his incredible, debut album Bitter Pill. Till The Sun Comes Up is possibly my favourite song of Gav's, his falsetto is always effortlessly beautiful and this song demonstrates his amazing voice and songwriting skills brilliantly.

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