Top 10 Tracks of 2015: Demi Louise

It is coming up to the end of another year, there was some fantastic music released this year with some great new artists making a big name for themselves on an international level. As the year had so many great songs I decided to start a feature on the top ten tracks of 2015. I have asked a few people within the music industry to compile a list of their favourite tracks of 2015.

Check out the first list provided by Australian artist Demi Louise.

10. Honey – Jennah Barry

I saw Jennah for the first time in Kansas at Folk Alliance in February and fell in love with this song. Its just so simple and her voice sits in front of everything which makes it so powerful.

9. WILD – Troye Sivan

I spent a week with troye at the start of last year on an APRA songhub and it was amazing to talk to him about his concepts and what he was trying to write and compare it to what wild is. I love this song because a) its just an amazing song that makes you feel good. b) Alex Hope is a goddess. and C) I know how hard he has worked to get this and how this is just Him. Completel

8. Golden – Travie Mccoy Ft SIA

Im a huge Sia fan. She is probably a big inspiration for me just in life in general. her chorus in this song is one of my favourite of hers this year.

7. Monday – Matt Corby

Wasn't it worth the wait? the kind of song you listen to with big headphones on.

6. Do you Even know – Rae Morris

I know this is one of her older songs but this song has been played so much in 2015 i can't possibly leave it off.

5. Shallow Love – Gabrielle Aplin

This is my favourite song off Gabbys new album 'Light up the dark'. its the kind of song i put candles on and draw to. The backing harmonies, the melody, her voice, the drums. just beautiful.

4. Better Man – Leon Bridges

He is just incredible. His whole album is probably in my top 3/5/10. just amazing. I find leon so fascinating in not just his songwriting but the way that he records things that takes you back in time.

3. Sorry – Justin Bieber

Okay so heres the thing- Max Martin is one of the most incredible songwriters and the hook in this song gets me every time. IS IT TOO LATE TO SAY IM SORRY NOW

2. What You Dont Do – Lianne La Havas

I met Lianne last year when i was in London and absolutely fell in love with her amazing soul and this song is just MMMM.

1. Someone New – Hozier

I feel like this song seriously encompassed a whole portion of my life and matched with the beautiful creature that is Hozier it has to be my numero uno.

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