Other Voices 2017: Ones To Watch

It is that time of the year again when Ireland's music community travels to Dingle for a weekend of musical heaven. This years event is sure to be a great one and will hopefully avoid being caught in the middle of a storm like last year!

With the event kicking off this Friday Dec 2nd I have put together a list of the artists that you should watch out for on The Music Trail at this years Other Voices.


Having been lucky enough to have these girls perform at The OB's first live event it is without a doubt that these are a must see in Dingle this year. Their upbeat melodies and choreographed moves on stage will leave you smiling for days! AE Mak will be taking to An Chonair Bar on Sunday at 17:45

Rosa Nutty

Rosa Nutty has a special way with words. Simply put but full of depth and meaning, she crafts melodies that draw you in. One of my favourite discoveries of 2016. Catch Rosa in An Droichead Beag at 17:30 and at 18:30 in Kennedy's Bar on Friday, in Bean In Dingle at 13:30 and Curran's Pub at 15:30 on the Saturday.

Orchid Collective

Orchid Collective are a band that always impress in a live environment. They bring a brand of indie-folk music that just seems to blend perfectly together. You can catch the guys at Other Voices on Friday in The Marina Inn at 17:30 and on Saturday in The Marina Inn at 13:30.

Maija Sofia

An artist who knows exactly who they want to be. Maija Sofia brings her lo-fi witchy folk music to Adam's Bar at 17:45 on the Friday, in Grey's Lane Bistro at 17:00 and O'Flaherty's Bar at 18:30 on Saturday and again on Sunday in Bean In Dingle at 14:30.

Ailbhe Reddy

An artist that has featured on The OB multiple times over the last year Ailbhe Reddy is this years IMRO Other Room Open Call winner. Her brutally honest lyrics are a refreshing change from the more formula driven music we hear on the radio. One not to miss this year you can catch her in the Other Room on Saturday and in Dingle District Courthouse at 16:00 on Sunday.

Too Fools

A band that seemed to just announce themselves out of nowhere earlier in the year, Too Fools are a band made to be heard live. After a fantastic show in The Button Factory last Thursday they are set to be one of the stand out acts from Dingle this year. Catch them live on Friday in Nelliefreds at 18:40 and again at 01:00.


BARQ may be one of the most active bands of 2016 on the live scene. They will be bringing their brand of feisty R'n'B to Dingle Brewing Company at 23:30 on Friday.


One of my favourite Irish artists RUTH has made an impact in 2016 while being scarce with her music releases. Her debut single 'Who Are You Living For?' came out at the start of the year to critical acclaim with her follow up 'Queen Of The Con' impressing again only recently. This is an artist I highly suggest you go to see! Catch her in Dingle on Saturday in Paul Geaney's Bar at 17:30 and again on Sunday in John Benny's Pub at 14:30.


With an interesting lyrical approach Moonlookson are a folk band that carry an impressive sound live, fronted by the always impressive vocals of Stephen Gormley they are sure to be a treat in Dingle. Catch them in the Other Room on Saturday as well as in Dingle District Courthouse at 17:00.

Farah Elle

A blend of R'n'B and pop with a hint of Arabic culture thrown in for good measure Farah Elle is like nothing else out there at the minute. Catch her in Neillefreds on Friday at 17:00 and 23:15.

Rosie Carney

An artist that I have been a fan of since first hearing her voice, Rosie Carney is simply special. An emotional vocal coupled together with her honest lyrics and timid stage presence provide for a stunning live set. See her live at Other Voices in An Diseart at 15:15 on Friday and again in john Benny's Pub at 18:00.

Ciaran O'Brien

Founder of The OB, Ciaran is also a cameraman and video editor that has an obsession with all things music. He created The OB Sessions in 2014 and set up The OB Blog in 2015.

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