Watch: Helene Greenwood – Dream Horses

UK singer Helene Greenwood hits us with a wall of atmosphere in new dream-pop single 'Dream Horses' taken from her upcoming second studio album, ‘Exquisitely Hopeless’.

The track features ethereal vocals from Greenwood with nods to the likes of Julia Holter, Jenny Hval and Joanna Newsom.

Dream Horses is a change sonically form her 2013 debut album ‘Collectable You’. This change is due partly to Helene’s maturity as an artist but also because it has evolved out of a completely new recording process. ‘Exquisitely Hopeless’ was recorded, across the time scale of two years working in a studio in Richmond with producer James Hallawell, whilst 'Collectable You' was recorded in just one week with songs that had already been prewritten. “I wanted these songs to have a dusty, sepia, tinged nostalgic vibe, harking back to the 1950’s torch songs,” says Helene. “I hope it can evoke this.”

The new record is a concept album that follows the story of one woman who lives in a confined domestic world and wonders what it would be like to live a freer life outside of her house. “As a mother I have challenges looking after my family and use songs as a form of therapy to move beyond my own reality” says Greenwood. “Like this character we can all feel trapped inside our own skin at times.”

‘Exquisitely Hopeless’. is due out on November 25th.

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