Watch: Janet Devlin: Outernet Song

Janet Devlin has returned with a song reflecting on the modern world's obsession with the Internet and social media. ‘Outernet Song’ is as catchy as it is relevant as we see more and more people try to cut down on their online activity.

“This song has long history,” says Janet. “I started writing it on my ukulele when I was 19. Too many mornings spent watching TV and being told how to dress, how to look, and what to eat had worn away my confidence.”

The song speaks about taking a break from our social media obsession and Janet feels that this is something that we should all try,“... Just a small break is a window to re-evaluate. Sometimes we just need to step outside for a little while and go pet a dog or something... I mean pressing the pause button on the never-ending scroll. Doing something other than waiting for notifications, emails or likes. Then come back to the magnificent world that is the Internet and see it for what it really is. A perfect place to Google videos of dogs surfing.”

The song although on a more radio friendly road than some of Devlin's older material carries over the ukulele that we have seen in many of her videos previously. There is a familiar feel to it all showcasing Devlin's knack for writing with a sound that will definitely resonate with fans of the Northern Irish singer.

Itching to leave the Internet behind, Janet hits the road in November for her ‘My Opium’ tour starting in Old Fire Station in Carlisle on Nov 23rd. She’s also recently finished filming her screen debut for indie film, ‘Songbird,’ which features two original songs written by Janet especially for the soundtrack. This all is in anticipation of her second album ‘Holy Water’ which she is currently writing.

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