Watch: Maija Sofia – Persephone

I had the pleasure of getting to work with Dublin based singer songwriter Maija Sofia on the video for her single 'Persephone'.

A song based on the tale of the kidnapping of the daughter of Zeus.

Maija describes the song as one “of despair, an ethereal retelling of the Greek tale of a kidnapped goddess trapped in the mythical underworld, layered with echoes of the modern-world’s political chaos. With samples from Sylvia Plath, the song is an ode to the many talented women throughout history who have been oppressed and overshadowed at the hands of an abuser.”

I am always delighted to get the chance to work with Maija and this project was no different. A strong sense of who she is and what she wants within her videos there is a great sense of artistry to everything Maija does. The video was shot early in the morning in Phoenix Park, Dublin, which included an adventure of sorts to try and find the deer.

I am delighted with how the video has turned out and the feedback we have gotten to date. I hope you like the video, which you can watch below.

Ciaran O'Brien

Founder of The OB, Ciaran is also a cameraman and video editor that has an obsession with all things music. He created The OB Sessions in 2014 and set up The OB Blog in 2015.

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